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It's Time to Renew your License

Calling all Parachute Business Owners, Contractors, Sub-Contractors, and Transient Vendors   It's time to renew your licenses! Please submit your application with all supporting documentation and proof of payment by email to the correct department. Applications that are mailed in with a check will take longer to process, but are still accepted. If you are writing a check, please make it out to Town of Parachute and mail to 222 Grand Valley Way, Parachute, CO 81635. You may also pay online at parachutecolorado.com. Please be aware that paying with a credit card online, in person, or over the phone will incur a 3% convenience fee.

Please email Business License Renewals and all supporting documentation to the Town Clerk, Lucy Spalenka at lspalenka@parachutecolorado.com

Please email Contractor's License Renewals and all supporting documentation to the Community Development Specialist, Brandon Burke at bburke@parachutecolorado.com

Colorado Bag Fee

The Town of Parachute wants to educate both its residents and businesses concerning the Colorado bag fee which is set to go into effect January 1, 2023. The bag fee is a result of House Bill 21-1162, which provides the following: Between January 1, 2023, and January 1, 2024, a store may furnish a recycled paper carryout bag or a single-use plastic carryout bag to a customer at the point of sale if the customer pays a fee of 10 cents per bag. On and after January 1, 2024, a store may furnish only a recycled paper carryout bag to a customer at the point of sale at a fee of 10 cents per bag. To date, the Town has not elected to impose a higher bag fee, but the Town reserves the right to do so in the future. Beginning April 1, 2024, and continuing on a quarterly basis thereafter, any store located in the Town must remit 60% of the carryout bag fee revenues to the Town and may retain the remaining 40% of the carryout bag fee revenues.The carryout bag fee does not apply to a customer that provides evidence to the store that the customer is a participant in a federal or state food assistance program. The carryout bag fee also does not apply to materials used in the packaging of pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, or dietary supplements or any equipment or materials used to manufacture pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, or dietary supplements.

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2023 Budget & Utility Rates

Adopted on November 17, the Parachute Town Council unanimously adopted the 2023 Town budget, which will guide the Town’s spending across all departments from January 1, 2023, through the end of the year. The budget also sets the Town’s rates and fees for the coming year, including utility rates. On average, the typical residential customer should anticipate a 4.3% ($4.28) increase to their monthly utility bill - beginning June 1, 2023. The revenue will be used to help defray the increased costs that the Town is experiencing in the water and wastewater utility departments, and it will help the Town continue to provide safe and reliable services. You can view the complete budget document and learn more at parachutecolorado.com.

2023 Proposed Budget   

Town Manager Updates

Most weeks, the Town Manager will send the Town Council an Info Update Memorandum. These memos briefly cover upcoming Town events, regional news, upcoming issues, and Town occurrences from the previous week.  They are brief, informal, and prone to typos, but they are a good source of Town news. We will aim to publish the latest info update here within one week.

 Manager Updates Here

2022 Trails Plan

The Town is creating a Trails Plan in 2022! It’s one of the recommendations from the 2022 Comprehensive Plan. We want you to be a part of the process. Below is some information to help you understand the Trails Plan, how you can get involved, and the process of getting it adopted.

The Trails Plan demonstrates the Town’s commitment to delivering multi-use trails in the Parachute community. At the end of the project, the Trails Plan will provide a list of potential trail projects, including a prioritized list of projects, who is responsible for specific action steps, a list of local, state, and federal agencies who should be involved, identification of properties or easements needed to install trail segments, and the level of difficulty to implement.

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Comprehensive Plan Adopted

On June 16, 2022, the Town of Parachute Town Council adopted the 2022 Master Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Parachute. Take a look!

Adopted Master Comprehensive Plan


Parachute Municipal Court

Parachute Municipal Court is held on the second Monday of every month at 1:40 pm for juveniles and 2:00 pm for adults; unless otherwise noticed. This court allows for virtual presence. However, appearing virtually is a privilege not a right. It is your responsibility to ensure AUDIO, VIDEO, and reliable internet speed. If you cannot, please plan on attending in person. If you are planning to attend virtually, please review, sign, and return your Advisement of Rights to Court Clerk; it can be found here or by clicking on the button below.

Court Clerk, Lucy Spalenka at lspalenka@parachutecolorado.com

Zoom & Court Info Here 

2021 CCR Report

Town Meetings

Town Meetings

Planning Commission meetings are regularly scheduled for the 2nd Thursday of each month. Town Council meetings are regularly scheduled for the 3rd Thursday of every month. Board of Adjustment meetings are only scheduled when there is a need. For public hearings scheduled before the Town Council, in addition to the agenda being posted on this website, you may also find the public notice in the Legals section of the Post Independent.

Town Council Meetings are held on the Third Thursday of every month, unless canceled.

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Planning Commission Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month unless canceled.

Check out the Agenda

Board of Adjustment meetings are nor regularly scheduled. If an issue arises that requires the Board of Adjustment, a meeting will be called and posted on this website.