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Sarah Fitzpatrick, Utility Clerk

The Town of Parachute is the official provider for utility services of Water, Sewer, Trash, and Irrigation for town residents. The Utility Department is open Monday through Thursday, from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, and may be reached by submitting a web request or by calling (970) 285-7630 during normal business hours. If you send a request for a call, please be aware they will only be reviewed during normal business hours.

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Utility Rate Increase 2023

2023 Water Rate Increase

A 5% increase in our utility rate usage tiers and a $4.00 increase to the minimum sewer charge is included in the budget, and if approved, will take effect June 1, 2023. The net result will be a ~4.3% increase to the average residential total monthly Town utility bill. This is partially due to the increased costs of the Town’s agreement with BMMD for bulk wastewater treatment, as well as the various other increased costs that our water and wastewater funds are experiencing. The Town’s bulk water rate is also proposed to increase from $8.00 / thousand gallons to $9.00 / thousand gallons – a 12.5% increase.  See Full Budget Here

Aumento de Tarifas 2023

En el presupuesto del Pueblo se incluye un aumento de tarifas del 5 % en nuestros niveles de uso de servicios públicos y un aumento de $4.00 en el cargo mínimo por domicilio y, si se aprueba, entrará en vigencia el 1 de Junio del 2023. El resultado será un aumento de ~4.3 % en su factura mensual de servicios públicos de la ciudad. Esto se debe en parte al aumento de costos  en el acuerdo del Pueblo con BMMD (Battlement Mesa Metropolitan District) para el tratamiento de aguas residuales así como a otros costos incrementados que están experimentando nuestros fondos de agua y aguas residuales. También se propone que la tarifa de agua a granel del Pueblo aumente de $8.00/mil galones a $9.00/mil galones, un aumento del 12.5%.  Ver Presupuesto Completo Aqui

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